- to one of Marblehead's best places to enjoy classic New England fare such as clam chowder and baked haddock and one of the town's favorite sports bars with an amazing collection of local memorabilia

Welcome to the Three Cod Tavern
Three Cod Tavern Historic Marblehead

Our History

It’s a fitting name for a tavern and restaurant in Marblehead, whether the year is 1660 or 2016. Cod are staple New England marine fish, an icon often seen in gold, welcoming guests and representing safety and wealth. Massachusetts even named an entire Cape after them. However, back in 1660 when the original Three Cods Tavern opened for business, the name aimed to lure in local fishermen and boat builders after a hard days work. Located just steps from the harbour on Front Street, the tavern (known then as Three Cods Tavern) kept bodies warm and happy with a roaring fire and flowing whiskey. It quickly became the most popular pub in town.
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